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Room Reservation

An appointment is needed to try on gowns. Making a Room Reservations allows us to better serve you and have no wait for a bridal room.  We will be able to help navigate through all the styles, fabrics, and answer your questions.  We have found that it is better to bring no more than 3-4 people with you.  We have limited space and we find that bringing the people you value the most allows for a more enjoyable time. We also suggest that you leave young children at home, as more times than not, it can create more stress for the bride and can take time away from her. We want to be able to cater to all of the brides needs and devote this time to her. Please let your guest know that will will be asking everyone to remove thier shoes or boots, they are welcome to bring slippers to be more comfortable..

VIP Appointment

If you would like a dedicated one-one-one sales consultant to devote her entire time to you, we would suggest a VIP Before/After Hour Appointment. This would consist of 2 sales consultants to assist you and up to 10 guest along with Champagne punch, hors d'oeuvres, desserts and a gift bag.  The 2 hour appointment is $300 and when the brides says "Yes to her Dress" she will get a FREE veil up to $200  Call to schedule, Limited Availability


Most gowns and bridesmaids dresses do not fit perfectly. Please remember that the dresses are not made to your measurements specifically, they are made to the designers size chart.  Bridal designers cut gowns different than normal clothing designers. Most brides find that they are approximately 1-2 sizes larger than typical clothing. Also, each designer uses different sizing, so your sizes will vary from designer to designer. Most gowns and bridesmaids dresses will require some alterations. 


Our expert seamstress is knowledgeable and experienced in working with delicate fabrics and unique constructions that many wedding gowns posess. Our seamstress also adjusts busts, sides, hem lines, and will bustle your gown perfectly. We can also customize your gown by changing  necklines, corset lace-up backs, cap sleeves, and embellishing straps. Our seamstress will alter any gown, even if it was not purchased from Natalie's.


We suggest that brides meet with the seamstress at least 8 weeks before their wedding with approximately 3-6 fittings. Bridesmaids, mothers, and flowergirls about 4 weeks prior to the wedding and approximately 2-3 fittings.


Remember to bring shoes, bra, and other items that you are planning to wear with your gown, such as spanx, slips, or crinoline.  Our seamstress can also sew in bra cups if you choose not to wear a bra. 


Only cash payment is accepted for alterations.


We ask that you bring your gown to us 2 weeks before your wedding to start the steaming, pressing, or even ironing process which will depend on the fabric of your gown. Some fabrics can be ruined if the wrong heat treatment is applied. 

Once your gown has been properly steamed or pressed we hang the gown from the ceiling to make sure it is completely dry and wrinkle free. We suggest when you pick your gown up that you take it directly to the ceremony location. 


We would be happy to press the bridesmaids, mothers, or flowergirls dresses too, and be sure not to forget about your veil!


You have trusted us with your gown so don't doubt us now! We use a special wedding gown preservation company that 100% guarantees their work. They use acid free tissue to wrap your gown which gives it a museum preservation quality.


Regular dry cleaners use harsh chemicals that can damage your gown, removing the color from pearls, sequins, and embellishments. The some chemicals can eat away at the fabrics and delicate lace on your gown.

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